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Service stations have a unique set of insurance needs due to their elevated risk. We can arrange comprehensive cover to protect your business against fire, theft, malicious damage, machinery breakdown and other risks, so that you can rest assured that your business is protected. Small and independent service stations can access bespoke cover tailored to their budget, which includes fire, goods in transit, glass, burglary and cash-on- site cover as well as public liability, product liability, employers’ liability and legal costs if required. This allows service station owners to tailor their insurance policy to meet the specific needs of their business.

Business Insurance policies can be tailored to include cover for Tobacco & Cigarettes, Alcohol, Pollution Liability, Electronic & Machinery Breakdown and multiple other exposures.

Common Risks

Petrol stations are a common sight in many countries, providing fuel for vehicles and convenience items for customers. However, they also come with a variety of risks that must be managed to ensure the safety of employees and customers. The most common risks associated with petrol stations include:


Loss or Damage to Equipment

Slips, Trips, Accidents, and Falls

Theft and Burglary

Business Interruption

Malicious Damage

Equipment or Machinery Breakdown/Failure

Pollution Incidents

Storm Damage

Accidental Damage from Customers Vehicles

We can also assist you with Storage Tank/Environmental Impairment LCiahbialitnygInessursanacveed! to protect against sudden and gradual environmental liabilities arising from a storage tank at a covered location.

Things to know

When it comes to insuring your petrol station, it is important to review your policy at least every 6-12 months. Working with an insurance broker can help ensure that you are properly covered and that all areas of risk are taken into account. Common areas of underinsurance include Gross Profit (Business Interruption) and asset values (building, stock, and contents). Insurance policies may also contain clauses such as the ‘Average’ or ‘Co-Insurance’ clause which can reduce claims in proportion to the amount of under- insurance. Petrol station owners may pay higher premiums due to perceived risk factors such as construction, fire prevention, security measures, location and size of operation.

In order to save money on petrol station insurance premiums, there are a few preventive measures that can be taken against potential hazards. Maintaining a good claims history and demonstrating proactive protection measures can help lower premiums.

Our Services

Our policies are tailored to the needs of full service station sites, commission/franchise operators, and third-party leaseholders. We understand that petrol station owners must create a safe and secure environment for their customers, employees, and business.
That’s why we arrange comprehensive coverage for service stations, protecting them from a range of risks.

We can also review the insurance requirements under your lease agreements to ensure you are insured correctly.

Service station owners looking for a competitive quote on their insurance renewal can turn to Global Insurance Solutions. We understand the unique needs of service stations and are able to provide tailored solutions that meet their budget requirements.

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