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Corporate (Group) Personal Accident Policy​

A corporate (group) personal accident policy is an effective way to provide cover to all of the employees in your business.

It will provide monetary protection to your employees in the instance of either short-term or long-term injury or illness, and in the cases of death. It is normally passed on as a contractual benefit for staff members.

Is a corporate (group) personal accident policy right for my business?

Any business that possesses a large number of staff would benefit from having a streamlined, one-policy approach to covering for injury or illness. This covers both injuries sustained at work, as well as those from general daily routines or activities.

What is detailed under a corporate (group) personal accident policy?

A corporate (group) personal accident policy will provide general health cover to both you and your employees, specifically offering you with:

Cover for wage and productivity loss.

Cover for all lengths of injury or illness.

Non-discriminatory in age.

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