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Commercial Motor Insurance

Commercial motor insurance is designed to help protect and secure the lifeblood of businesses, including those that reside in the transport and logistics sectors.

It allows for multiple vehicles for commercial use to be covered effectively under the one, standalone policy. This includes everything from company cars, vans, trailers, and any medium and large-scale goods carrying vehicles.

What does commercial motor insurance cover?

Commercial motor insurance is designed to cover the basics that personal car insurance would, allowing you peace of mind when your fleet of trucks or vans are out on the road.

What is considered standard in a commercial motor insurance policy?

Commercial motor insurance policies, whilst differing from provider to provider, will come with a standard set of policy details:

Cover for your vehicles.

Legal liability insurance for damage to other cars or property.

Theft and car accident cover.

No claim bonus protection.

Hire car.

Windscreen excess waiver.

Business interruption (downtime) cover.

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