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// What Are The

Risks In The Information Technology Sector?

Just because you are busy building software, applications, and websites does not mean you can not get in trouble. Being involved with Information Technology, one must consider the risks associated with the industry and the ways for damage control.

  • Hardware & Software Failure
  • Malicious Cyber Attacks
  • Loss of Data by Natural Disasters
  • Human Errors
  • Security Breaches and Similar Criminal IT Threats
  • Malware and Virus Attacks

Now that you know the range of risks associated while you are busy running your IT Business, let us consider ways to help you prepare and recover from the loss.

// Who Should​

Consider Insurance?

  • IT Contractors
  • Network Support Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Hardware & Software Sales Professionals
  • Consulting and Management Experts
  • System Integration Proficients
  • Repair & Maintenance Specialists
  • System Analysts

Many more than stated information technology professionals and Occupations need insurance for damage control and compensation.

// What Kind of

Insurance Should You Possess and what it covers?

Some specific fields, operations and activities that need IT Liability include,

  • Hardware design, manufacturing, assembly, installation, and resale
  • Software design, development, configurations, and resale
  • Design and development
  • Website hosting and related activities
  • System integrations and networking
  • Support, training and maintenance services
  • Security and consultation

IT Liability insurance can cover a broad range of claims emerging from:

  • Malfunction or failure of computer products, services or guidance
  • Violation of copyright, registered design, and trademark, including plagiarism or cyber defamation
  • Fallacies and deletions of data, including electronic data, can cover financial upsets
  • Breaches of intellectual property rights
  • Contractual liability
  • Fraudulent and dishonest acts
  • Personal injury, property damage or promotional liability under the standard liability cover

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