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Employment Practices Liability Insurance​

Employment practices liability insurance covers costs incurred from resolving employment or dismissal disputes with employees.

Employment disputes can, depending on the claim made before the tribunal, last for quite some time, with the costs continuously rising over time. This policy will also continuously cover these costs for the duration of the tribal hearing.

Should I take out an employment practices liability insurance policy?

This policy is beneficial for companies with a large body of employees and department managers, where instances of negligent behaviour can be difficult to police. It is also beneficial for those with a high turnover of staff through contractual obligations or otherwise.

What is detailed under an employment practices liability insurance policy?

Your defence and legal costs will be fully covered over the duration of the tribunal hearing, as well as:

Cover against wrongful dismissal or discharge.

Cover against wrongful failure to either employ or provide promotional incentive.

Cover against wrongful discrimination against an employee.

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