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At Global Insurance Solutions, we offer both comprehensive and third party Leisure Craft Insurance for a range of watercraft.With fully tailored packages for small and large leisure craft, we have cover for everybody from the weekend fisherman, houseboat owners and those sailing the high seas.

We also understand that there are certain times of the year where you will likely not be using your vessel as frequently, and for these times we have adjustable rates.

There are two types of Leisure Craft Coverage that we offer

Comprehensive Leisure Insurance

This covers accidental loss or damage, similar to comprehensive motor vehicle cover. It includes coverage for theft of the vessel and its contents, both separate and together, personal effects, malicious damage and transit damage for boats that are designed to be transported by their own trailer to and from the water.

Third Party Leisure Insurance

This coverage is restricted to injury or damage that you cause to a third party. There is no coverage for your own vessel under this type of insurance.

What types of Leisure Craft do we insure?

Runabout Insurance

Our Runabout Insurance covers all legally trailerable small powerboats. This option covers fire or theft to your small vessel, accidental loss, damage including: hull motor, spar damage, equipment or accessory damage, boat tender and personal effects that are in or on the vessel.

Yacht and Cruisers Insurance

Coverage includes fire or theft to your vessel, accidental loss, damage including hull, masts, spars, sails and rigging, accessories and equipment, boat tender and personal items in and on the vessel. Our packages are tailored to your needs, and we have a variety of policy features and added benefits. To find out how we can create an insurance package for your personal watercraft get in touch today.

House Boat Insurance

We understand that a houseboat is a lot more than a boat that gets you from point A to point B. A houseboat is a part of your lifestyle, and is a significant financial and emotional investment. Our Houseboat Insurance Cover includes loss, fire and/or theft to your houseboat, damage, which includes masts, spars, hull motor/s, sails and rigging, accessories and insurance, personal effects in or on your boat and houseboat tender.

By clicking this link we will refer you to Nautilus Marine Insurance Pty Ltd AFSL 227186 (Nautilus) which can deal in and provide general advice on boat insurance. We do not act on behalf of Nautilus or the insurer. We receive a commission (which is a percentage of the premium you pay) if you enter into a policy with Nautilus after we refer you (including renewals and some variations which increase the premium payable). You can ask for further information.

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