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Private motor insurance

Private motor insurance provides cover for your car if it is involved in an accident or is stolen, and/or cover for natural occurrences where damage is often frequent, such as hailstorms, excess flooding, lightning, or fire. Private motor insurance is recommended for anyone that drives a motor vehicle.

What does private motor insurance cover?

Private motor insurance will cover the whole sum of the car up to its market value or agreed value. It will include repairs cover, sometimes at a repair centre of your choosing, depending on the policy. It will also cover you from any public litigation risks, such as third party damage or injury.

What is considered standard in a private motor insurance policy?

Private motor insurance policies, whilst differing depending on the provider used, will normally include:

Cover for damage of the car, whether minor or major.

Cover for any third party cars involved in the incident.

Roadside assistance from a nominated provider.

Cover against theft.

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