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Home insurance is a comprehensive safeguard of your most important and cherished asset; your home.

A well thought out home insurance policy can also protect the assets that lay within your domicile, from computers and TV’s, to the infrastructure found inside your home. It can be tailored to suit natural disasters that are specific to your location, too.

What specifically does home insurance entail?

Depending on the particular options that include in your policy, home insurance will cover both the loss or damage of your property, as well as theft or damage incurred with the contents inside. It also covers you from any legal liability that would otherwise occur from an incident at your home address, such as injuries to guests or tradesmen.

A home insurance policy will typically offer a set of regular criteria, such as:

Covering the costs of all repairs or rebuilds required as a result from any damage.

Covering the costs of any demolition and debris removal.

Covering the costs of contractual workers, such as surveyors, engineers or architects,

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